Webservice error: Unsupported operation xxxx_product: Expecting element instead of type in message part xxxx_product_request of message xxxx_product_request.

Another webservice error. The issue in an earlier post (see here) seems to have been fixed. With the new wsdl I now get the following error: Unsupported operation 'xxxx_product': Expecting element instead of type in message part 'xxxx_product_request' of message 'xxxx_product_request'. The message is clear, but I'd like to have information on why it is not supported and more in general I'd like information on exactly what wsdl's are and are not supported and for what reason. I now get into a back and forth game with the webservice supplier which takes a lot of time and collaborative spirit;-) The supplier will remark that it works in SoapUI so why not in Mendix. Lacking sufficient knowledge to answer this appropriately I'd like more information from Mendix.
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