Is it possible to create a theme that doesnt use dijit?

I'm wondering what my options are when creating a new theme for my Mendix application. Can I create a theme without using dijit? I did a test to see what would happen if I didn't use the dijit.layout widgets, however I see that the default Mendix widgits also output dijits! I'm just curious so that I know if I am forced to stick with dijit based layouts, or that I can use other frameworks. In particular I have some issues with dijit border containers not auto-resizing based on content and I don't want to have to create Javascript hacks just to override the default behaviour of dijit. Thanks!
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Adrew, I think the dojo toolkit is fully integrated with mendix runtime, so don't think you can override this. But maybe you could illustrate your specific issues, so that we could help you. I believe most styling and layout is customizable, some times it's difficult, but with the right help, you could fix your issues.