Best Practices for Migration

Recently we have needed to migrate some data from our test environment to our production environment. We wish to keep the users and their data in the production environment, but migrate some of our data that has been entered for user defaults. I was wondering what was the best and easiest way to migrate only a certain ammount of data from one system to another. At the moment i am exporting the test environment data to excel then uploading the data to the production environment. However i feel there must be an easier way. I have considered creating webservices and database replication. However i do not think you can connect to the cloud database using the replication module. Any help or advice would be brilliant. Simon
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Recently, I needed to migrate some data from one environment to another. I used the import/export XML features of Mendix to export the data from the source environment and import it into the destination environment. You could follow these steps to do it that way:

  • Create an XSD file that describes the data model for the data that you want to migrate.
  • Create a domain-to-XML mapping based on this XSD for exporting your data.
  • Create an XML-to-domain mapping based on this XSD for importing your data.
  • Create some forms/microflows (using the export/import XML activities) that allow you to export and import the data.

I hope this helps. Let me know if anything is unclear.