Sending documents using a published webservice

Hi, I know a lot has been posted about sending documents using webservices but I still haven't been able to get this mechanism to work. I have two Mendix applications; Application A (mendix 2.5.6.) a front end that is used to capture data and Application B a backend application that is used for processing (mendix 3.0). I have published a webservice in Application B (the backend) that takes a customer file as an input. This customer file has a number of files associated with it that I would like to send over to the backend. I would like to create a new File document in the backend based on the documents that are send over from the frontend. I can create new documents and populate them with the information from the front end files. I can copy everything except the binary content from the file ! I have set up the Domain to XML mapping in the front end and when I am debugging I can see that the content attribute of the files that I would like to process is populated with what seems binary content. What am I doing wrong?
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