Moving Data from Test environment to Production environment

I have a custom cloud environment and i was wondering whether it is possible to use the database replication tool to move the data from the test environment from the production. I don't want to move all of the data just some of the entity's. I know as standard we cannot connect to the cloud database from outside the environment, but i was wondering if this could be changed to allow connection from the production environment as they are on the same server.
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Logging in from a test application to a production database, or the other way round sounds like a really bad way to increase the risk of disaster and data loss. Always keep a clear separation between your test/acceptance/production environments.


Why do you not just backup the testdatabase and do the adjusment on your local postgres install? And by the way it is possible to connect to the database in the cloud. But you must run it through the support portal. They will give you the info to connect. Sometimes this is the only way to solve something :)