JDK Version issue starting Modeler 3.1.0

I cannot start the Modeler version 3.1.0 on my local PC. I get an error that the JDK is not compatible. However, I do have JDK 1.6.0_18 installed and selected (I also have a 1.5 version installed, but that is not selected. See this image . Is there an issue with this version of the JDK, or is the startup check detecting the older JDK on my laptop, even though it is not selected in preferences?
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Since version 3.1.0 the Mendix Runtime checks for a recent compatible JDK version to prevent known issues. Currently we check for JDK 1.6 update 22-29, although update 29 is not supported if connecting to an SQL Server database. From your screenshot, it seems that you currently use update 18. Installing a newer JDK version and configuring it in the preferences would thus solve your problem.


This problem is not only a Mendix 3.x issue, but also for Mendix 2.x.