Connecting a Mendix cloud app to our 3.1.0 / sprintr project

For one of our clients, we have just gotten access to the Mendix cloud, in which an application was created independently of our project, which we only recently converted to 3.1.0. We would now like to connect the two, so that we can deploy to the cloud from the modeler and not manually upload our MDAs. So we have: A 3.1.0 / sprintr project without a Mendix cloud app An empty application in the Mendix cloud without a project We want: A 3.1.0 / sprintr project in the Mendix cloud How do we do this? EDIT: D'oh! We've looked through all the screens several times but failed to notice the 'Change sprintr project' button. We used that to link it to our project, deployed to the cloud portal, and everything is working perfectly. Thanks guys!
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Two shots;

  • Has the cloud slot been associated to the sprintr project? If not go to my applications in the cloud portal, you can find it at the right top of the menu bar.

  • Do you have the right to upload a project? Open the slot in the cloud portal, with application details Open the tab security check your rights. If you don't have the right to upload, ask your technical contact to adjust it accordingly


Your cloud app might not be hooked up to your sprintr project. To link these two, click on the "My applications" menu item in the cloudportal. You can use the "change sprintr project" button there to change the sprintr project that's hooked up to your cloud app.


Assuming your account has access to both the sprintr project and the cloud slot, have you tried opening the project and going to Project -> Deploy to the Cloud Portal ?