How to mobilize a Mendix application

Looking at the promotional material from the website here mobile features: Mobile forms allow you to design user interfaces optimized for high-end mobile devices Easily add mobile forms to your existing Mendix applications Design mobile forms using standard, easy to use widgets optimized for mobile resolutions So, is this more than just adding forms designed for smaller screen resolutions? Do I need to design a complete set of separate UI forms (and workflow for buttons on these forms)? Is there any way to detect the client environment and branch workflow based on that (if browser, show form A as pop-up, if mobile device show form Asmall In content)? Is there really a set of standard widgets optimized for mobile resolutions? If so, where can I get them?
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Mobile forms have not been released yet.. expecting this in the upcoming major release. So no, you can't really do this properly yet. We originally intended to release this in 3.0 so I'm afraid the page hasn't been updated.