Passing enclosing object doesnt work - Scenario 2

Here's another situation where passing the enclosing object doesn't seem to work. I have a data view, and within it I display a datagrid of records of the same type as the main data view. In other words I allow a link between an entity and itself. This is so a ticket can have child tickets linked to itself. If I try to add a button to the datagrid and set the microflow settings to Pass data grid object : None Pass enclosing data view object: Yes (Ticket) I get an error: "Cannot pass enclosing data view entity to microflow because it is related to the data grid entity". Why is this? There is only one data view object, so why can't I pass it to my microflow? The result is that I have to put the Add button for the data grid outside the data grid, and from a UI design perspective this is inconsistent and causes confusion. Update 18 March 2013 Note that in some circumstances you can use the Confirm Microflow widget, setting the Class Name to Attach value to place a button in the control bar of a datagrid. This allows you to pass the enclosing data view object, yet still place the button above the grid in the control button area. The downside is that you must always have a pop-up to then trigger your microflow.
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This is an unfortunate consequence of the way the client and the runtime communicate. We certainly want to improve that but I cannot say when this will be yet. Your workaround it the way to go now.