Userroles in Feedback

In the Mendix application I'm currently working on there are some users that have many userroles (more than 20). Recently I implemented the feedback button on the right side of the screen. When I try to submit the feedback, I get the following error: "Error while submitting ticket: Unable to create issue: Attribute 'PCP_Issues.Issue.Userroles' has a maximum length of 400, tried setting a value of length 417." When I remove some of the roles from the user, the error disappears. I would like to know why the feedback button needs the Userroles object and how I can fix the problem without being forced to remove userroles.
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The reason is that the feedback button stores this information so that you can read it in sprintr. My guess is that it reads every userrole and puts the name inside a string attribute. However, because you have so many userroles that string becomes longer than the maximum length thus resulting in this error. If you want to get rid of this issue right away you could adjust the names of your userroles so that these become 17 chars shorter in total. Or if you have some time you could file a feature request to make this field larger in Sprintr.

On a side note, i would suggest to reduce the amount of enduser roles. configuring that amount of roles seems like a real pain to me.