Close form action in microflow does not close the form

We are testing the upgrade to and I think I found a bug. I have a dataview with a grid inside this view. I have three buttons on this dataview, all custom. One saves the button and closes, one for (custom) cancel and closing and one for initiating a process and then closing. On this last button the close form action does not function. It does not close the form (strangely, while the other two buttons also perform close form actions that do work) So now the user has to press this button and one of the other two to close the form. As a workaround I could off course open the form that would have shown if the form would close normally, but this should not happen. Anybody a clue why the form will not close? [EDIT] The workaround does not work. In the breadcrumb i get 'firstform secondform firstform'. So pressing the secondform in the breadcrumb gives me the open form again. [EDIT2] Pressing the button twice does close the form. I am at loss here.
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I found the problem. In some occasions the form would open twice. So the form was closed, only to reveal the same document underneath it. Hence the solution that pressing the button again would give the form I would like to have seen in the first place.