Error on synchronisation with the database

When trying to start up my custom mendix server i keep getting the following error message when synchronising my model: ERROR: Executing executeddlcommands did not succeed: result: 1, message: Executing DDL commands failed., caused by: Error (SQL State: 42P01, Error Code: 0) on executing: DROP SEQUENCE "myhome$propertypropertynumbermxseq" I used the exact same mda on our test server and had no problems. How can I resolve this issue?
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What i did to fix this was view the SQL that was being executed instead of executing them. I then copied these SQL details to a file and removed the DROP SEQUENCE line. Then ran the SQL file by connecting to the database using the psql, which is is a command found in the m2ee. I then ran the following code to run the SQL file on the database.

\i somedir/script2.sql

After this i restarted the server and synced the model and it worked again.