microflow on xml to domain not firing off

Good day. I have tried everything now: a) I receive XML string, which I create a mendix object via Core.storeFileDocumentContent and then import the xml through this returned file document. But after import, the xml to domain microflow doesn't kick off. I then tried setting it to 'create new object', but that doesn't work either. It just run through. b) I then decided to create an xml document object, and change the path to the location of my test xml file. I tested this by setting the debug logger stats to trace, and then move my xml out of the deployment, where it will then complain about xml not found, meaning it does go and read the xml. But after it runs through, still, nothing happens. What can the possibly reason be? Shouldn't the import kickoff the mapping, hence the microflows specified on the actions of the mapping?
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As Michel noted, it seems as if you're trying to do a lot of things at the same time. Let's try to break it down:

  • you have an XML string, that you'd like to store in a filedocument. Can you verify that the FileDocument does in fact contain the xml file? You can easily check this by creating a form with a FileDocument with a download button. Click the button and verify that you get the xml back. Another way of verifying this would be to check the deployment\data\files\ directory in your project dir. This should contain a directory named 00 or 01 with some files inside.
  • you apparantly want to use this filedocument (containing the xml) to import it. I assume you've created a Microflow somewhere that contains an xml import activity. Can you successfully debug through this microflow to make sure the import is fired and that no errors are thrown?
  • You apparantly want to use a microflow to retrieve the object that you want to map certain parts of the xml to. I'd advise you to start simple and simply try to map/create a few objects. Once you've verified that you're mapping and matching data, you can move on to Microflows and other more complicated tricks.