Object with the following id couldnt be retrieved - What does this warning mean?

Does this warning mean that there is a error with on of my records of something, if some how would i find which one??? Object with the following id couldn't be retrieved: '[MendixIdentifier:: guid=281805689192880 objectType=SubmissionTracker.SubGroup objectTypeHash=77 dataStoreCode=1 objectStoreId=432]'
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I know that sometimes this message comes when it should not appear. I filed ticket 9567 for it.

The case is: when you've modeled a BeforeDelete event (and this microflow returns true), the object gets deleted AND this message appears.

In the supportal I saw it is scheduled to be solved in 2.5.8.

If your have modeled such scenario's this might be the problem


It means that the object you want the retrieve no longer exists. This can be either because you never commited it and lost it from your context. Or because you deleted the object somewhere in your microflow.