Show a subset of enum-values in a form

Hi, I have an object where 1 attribute is an ennumeration. Lets say the enumeration has 5 items, and in a form I want to only show 4 of them (because the 5th can only be set in a microflow-action based on some logic). Is it possible to show only the subset of enum-values in a form? As a workaround I think about modeling a new entity, but perhaps there are better / other alternatieves? I know that for a reference-selector, you have the option 'selectable objects'. That would have been nice here as wel: "selectable options" I'd like to hear!
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You can't hide a subset of enumeration values. Seems like a feature request.

What you can do is create another attribute with a new enumeration with only the four values you wish to be available for selection. After or before commit you could set your other attribute with these values in a microflow. It's a bit dirty, but this way you can achieve what you want.