Single field reference set selector

Hi, A reference selector can be modified to open a popup for your selection. Changing the 'Select using' property to 'Form' on the reference selector shows a single field with a button (to open a selection form) next to it. Now I'd like the same kind of construction for a reference set selector. There should be a single field with a button next to it. I can use the button to open a form and make my selection. The selected items should be shown in the single field, seperated by comma's. Simply said: I'd like my selections to be shown in a single field (seperated by comma's) instead of a grid. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks!
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Regarding the "comma-separated presentation" of the values in your reference-set: You could model a virtual attribute (type=String) on the entity that holds the referenceset that in that microflow, iterates over the values in your refset (if any exist).

The result of this virtual attribute can be presented in your form.

I wonder about possible other options though...


You can use the tag editor widget from the appstore in view mode to display referencesets comma separated.



Even i have the requirement similar to Tijl Oomens's req. I'm trying to add Tag Editor Widget in my project and modify the data (all the attributes of the same entity with comma separated), but im unable to add it in the project . Could you please help me out.