Model Reflection Module gives Java compilation error

[javac] Compiling 307 source files to D:\Projecten\Roche\deployment\model\lib\bin [javac] D:\Projecten\Roche\javasource\databasereplication\actions\ incomparable types: databasereplication.proxies.RemoveIndicator and databasereplication.proxies.YesNo [javac] configElem.appendChild( this.getElement(xmlDoc, "RemoveUnsyncedObjects", ( this.TableMappingObj.getRemoveUnsyncedObjects() == YesNo.Yes ? "true" : "false" ) ) ); [javac]
1 answers

I have seen this sort of error when upgrading the module (also the Excel Importer module). Try doing the following:

  • Go to D:\Projecten\Roche\javasource\databasereplication and delete all the files and folders there.
  • Then, go to the App Store and re-import the Database Replication Module.
  • Restart the application.

I think the issue may be some old java files remaining from an earlier version of the module that are not removed when you update it.