Using reference sets with Database Replication module

Hello, My domain model uses reference sets and I would like these to be filled during an import from an external database. However when I try to set this up in the database replication module I get the following error message: "A mapping for this reference, object and attribute already exists" Here is what I'm trying to do: Source Database Table Fields: CarName, CarCategory1, CarCategory2, CarChasisType Mendix Domain Model Entity Attributes: Car/Name Car/CarChasisType [* - 1] ChasisType Car/Car_Category [* - *] Category In the table mapping I create 3 mappings: Source / [mapping type] / Destination Car_Name [atrribute] Car/Name CarCategory1 / [reference] / Car/Category CarCategory2 / [reference] / Car/Category Note: In the source table the 'CarCategory1 and 2' fields are text names and not foreign keys. Thus I am using these to create 'Category' entities in Mendix. It seems like the database replication module doesn't support reference sets. Any ideas how I can handle this situation? Thanks!!
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One option is to create a helper entity which syncs the table with a mendix entity with the attributes to be synced and use a microflow to convert these to your domain model.

Other option is to create 2 table mappings : 1. Car name, Chassis type and CarCategory1 2. Car name, Chassis type and CarCategory2