Issues with nested data views

I created a form with a data view(create object set to true ) which in turnn has nested data views(create object set to false) I create a microflow that passes on objects to the form and its respective nested data view . However the nested objects created dont seem to be passed onto the views in the form . What would be the issue here ?
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I guess you create in the microflow an object for the root dataview (object1) and an object for the nested dataview (object2). Then you opens a form and pass object1 to it.

Are you sure you set the relation between object1 and object2? There must be a relation (1-0 or 1-1) between them (object1_object2).

You don't need to refresh the objects if you open the form after creating and changing the objects. If you're microflow is triggered from the dataview, you have to refresh both the root and the nested object.


Hi Ethel, good question! I am not sure what would be the issue in your case. So I've got two questions:

  1. Did you pass the nested dataview objects as input parameters onto your microflow?
  2. Or, did you retrieve the nested dataview objects in your microflow?

However, since the reference is automatically set between the objects, you can retrieve your nested dataview object 'over association' from the object in the root dataview. Note: the model should contain the right reference between the dataview object and the nested dataview object(s).

Hope this will help you a little...


What I did was I passed object one on from another form and created object 2 and 3 in microflow and associated them without committing to database . object1_object2 have 1-1 rltn


What is your form construction? It seems to be an error in you microflow..