Reasons for XML to Domain Mappings not persisting

I am submitting 2 sets of webservice requests, that call a mendix webservice that maps xml to a domain model. In the first instance, my entire schema maps to entities successfully. In the second instance, it appears that entities are being created, but they are not associated to the containing parent entities of the webservice call. I've looked at the obvious reasons why this could happen, but I'm stumped as to why its not working in my second request which is virtually similar to the first. I removed all Microflow converters from my XML2Domain mappings, made sure there were no errors, but I'm still unable to get it to map successfully, or rather associate to the containing parent object. All entities are created in the mapping and NO microflows are being used.
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I found the issue and will give detailed feedback later. The problem is, if you have a unidirectional association, you need to update both the associations on both objects during webservice calls [ entities that have a 1-1 relationship ]