Reverted change in model still showing up in database upgrade script

Hi, I've made changes to a model, removing an association from an entity - goal was to replace it with another association. Later on I understood I should not remove the association before copying the data it held. Therefore I added the association again. During the deployment, an upgrade script is generated holding the deletion and creation of the association. This is not what I want as this deletes my data. I would like the upgrade script to "understand" it should not remove the association in the first place. But I don't know how. Another solution might be to remove the Changes to the association from the Modeler. But, again, I don't know how.
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Is the project a Team Server project? If so, you can really revert the change by using the 'revert to original' option in the tasks menu of the changes dock. This will bring back the association that is exactly the same as the original. If you delete something and then recreate it, it is a new association and data will not be preserved.