Associations cannot be compared to empty?

Hi all, First of all: A happy new year to all of you! I have a problem, and would like your advice… I have a ScheduleGroup (entity) that can have a list of instances(/servers) whereby multiple servers can be associated to 1 schedulegroup. Now I have a ScheduleGroup dataview with 2 datagrids - Servers that are attached to this schedulegroup (with a detach-button) - Servers that are NOT attached to this schedulegroup (with an attach-button) For the NOT-attached list I have a datagrid with entity instances and an x-path-constraint like below (nested in the ScheduleGroup dataview) [modulname.Instance_ScheduleGroup!='[%CurrentObject%]' ] --> My problem is that when I have detached some instances from a schedulegroup, they don’t appear (anymore) in the other list (to attach the instance again to this schedulegroup) In the detach-flow, I’m setting the Instance_ScheduleGroup relation to empty Changing the x-path to [modulname.Instance_ScheduleGroup!='[%CurrentObject%]' Or modulname.Instance_ScheduleGroup=empty'] gives me this error: “associations cannot be compared to empty” How can I make sure those instances appear in my list?
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The code below seems to do the trick


So this topic could be closed (I don't see how I can do it myself)

Does anybody know if there is a special reason why this only seems to work with the "not()" construction?