Free form input field and passing multiple objects to target form

I would love to add a single input field to my form which should allow the user to enter a weeknumber. I'm facing two constraints: Everything I put on my (template) grid should be bound to the object model; As an alternative it does not make sense to me put the free form input field in the object model Even when putting this weeknumber, which is solely used as a user parameter, into the entity model, I will still not be able to add it to the form as it is unassociated with the entity being used as datasource; I could add it to the underlying entity used in the form as an attribute with an enumeration but hence, how could one understand such domain model? It does not seem to be a viable option as well Next to this, even when the option of a free form input field does exist, how could I pass two objects from a form to a microflow? the passing object property limits the pass to one object
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