Index on system$owner and system&changedby in pg 8.3

I've queried our mendix database to get the biggest tables in the database. I see a lot of big index tables for the system$user and system$owner attributes. Is it so that for each system$user attribute on a entity the database creates an index? public.idxstock$stocklevelupdatelinesystem$owner public.idxstock$stocklevelupdatelinesystem$changedby The sysem$user and system$changedby are unnecessary in most of the entities in our application. So I've checked out most of them. I want to deploy this so that these indexes will be removed. But when you delete an attribute, I know that mendix doesn't delete them but renames it with a prefix deleted_[tablename]. That means that these indexes will remain and claiming disk space. Am I right?
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In 2.x the attribute columns will be renamed but your indices will still be deleted. In version 3 and higher your data and columns/tables will actually be deleted. In 2.x you could delete them manually, but don't do such things in 3 and higher anymore.