Microflow retrieve action using id

Hi, I want to use the Microflow retrieve (from database) action to retrieve data. I need to use a xpath that uses the id of the records, however this does not seem to work. E.g.Xpath: [id=101] does not work (error: Incompatible expression types. ... Integer/Long. Unfortunately the current entities does not contain another column that can be used to uniquely identify a record. Thanks, Brian
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you can change the id to a string. In the flow you can make a variable. For example TempID (type = string).

Then: toString($Autonumberid)

Now you can start with your database retrieve: [id=$TempdID]

An second option (when you know the right ID): give your microflow a parameter (name = ID). After that you can create a variable (string) and convert the autonumber to string.


Hi Brian,

Why would you need the internal id. In a microflow if you have the other side of the association you can say: [Entity.AssociationAB=$your-object] or [Entity.AssociationAB/OtherEntity/id=$your-object]

If you have another unique identifer you could say [AutoNumberAttribute=value]

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