Moved to page prior to login

The Acceptance system runs on 3.1.1 and the users are using IE8. The following logic: microflow to open a form; microflow to save the form, close the form and open another form (with same, but processed data); microflow to save the form and close the form. In the acceptance system everything is correctly processed, but the IE opens the page which the user had opened in IE prior to the login-page of Mendix. It does not matter how many actions you have done in Mendix; always to the page prior to the login page. The user is not logged out of Mendix. Despite I am using the same IE and the same db I cannot replicate this case. I also cannot replicate this with Firefox on the Acceptance system. It did not occur in the 2.5 system. I am really cannot find out what happens here. Anyone any idea what happens here??
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