Hi, I'm trying to build one form that displays a master-detail-detail association (e.g. customers - orders - order lines). I've put a data view at the top and put into this a data grid. This works fine for 1-n (master-detail). Now I want to add a second data grid where I want to show the other details. Basically I want to know how I can nest two data grids? Anybody any idea's on this? Thanks.
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I do not understand what you want exactly, but I'll assume that you want a grid B (e.g. orderlines) to show specific data when selecting an item in grid A (e.g. orders).

You can accomplish this by creating a data view next to grid A that has the same entity as grid A. The data view should contain grid B (with a proper path and/or constraint) and have its 'Listen target' property set to grid A.

The final setup should look something like this:

[Data grid A on 'Order']
|                      |

[Data view on 'Order' that listens to grid A         ]
|                                                    |
| [Data grid B on 'Order/Order_Orderline/Orderline'] |
| |                                                | |
| +------------------------------------------------+ |

Now, clicking on an order in grid A will show the order lines of that order in grid B.


Benny, thanks for the quick reply. It was useful and gave me a good hint for futher exploration.

What I actually want is in the top dataView one customer. Below this a dataGrid with the orders of that customer and below this a dataGrid with the order lines of the order. I've done some experimenting and came up with the following setup:

[DataView1 on "Customer"]-------------------------+
|                                                 |
| [DataGrid1 on "Customer/Orders"]                |
| |                              |                |
| +------------------------------+                |
| [DataView2 on "Orders" listens to DataGrid1]--+ |
| |                                             | |
| | [DataGrid2 on "Orders/OrderLines"]          | |
| | |                                |          | |
| | +--------------------------------+          | |
| +---------------------------------------------+ |