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We would like to have 2 different login pages 1 for different types of customers, 1 who needs to be able to login to the system and 1 for a annnymous user who just needs to be able to request a small portion of data. To achieve this we enabled anonymous users and created a completely different screen for the anoymous users compared to the normal login page. However when a normal user log's out instead of being redirected to our http://url/login.html he is redirected to the anonymous user login screen. What could we do to circumvent this? Edit: after some digging in the login.js i found this piece of comment suggesting that after logout you are always redirected to another page however i found that this is not true, did this change? What i tried to do is rename my login.html to index.html as Samet suggested so that by default i would login to the index3.html. Combined with the comments below i hoped that on logout the user would be redirected to the index.html but instead he stayed on index3.html. // Log out: // index3.html(client) -> (log out) -> index.html(form) // index.html(client) -> (log out) -> login.html(form) // Edit2: After some more digging i found that you are able to customize the toolbar widget by generating the html and not setting the dojo type. For more info about that see Here. Would it be possible to create a custom function that calls the runModule('logout') function and then redirect to a page specified in the custom function. If so would that require a custom widget to do?
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Did you rename the login.html for the anonymous users page? If so, that could cause the redirect. It's better to copy the index.html, rename and style it for the anonymous user.