Time zone behaviour

I have recently switched to working with the 3.1.1 modeler and wanted to adapt my application to use the following scenario: Allow the users to set their own time zone. The problem I am having is the following: The user sets the desired time zone (tz1). He then proceeds to make an order and the system registers the date and time for it[datetime1]. The user changes the time zone to tz2 (tz2 = tz1 - 3h). Expected result: the datetime1 of the order gets updated for the new time zone. Result: datetime1 has the same value.
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The timezone that the user sets only affects things on the server such as times in generated documents, excel exports, parsing/formatting dates in microflows, etc. The timezone in the client is defined by the timezone the client's browser is in. Additionally, to change the timezone your user has to log out and back in, the timezone is set for a specific session and won't be updated in the middle of a session.