Invalid Argument mendix.js code 0

Hi all, one of our customers has a problem with the Mendix appliction. After a suceeded log-in the start page is opening with an error. The problem is that the page only display the navigation menu (top navigation) and the rest of the page is blanco. It happens with IE 7.0. We recieved the message (IE: Invalid Argument, Line 6, Char 396517, Code 0, Uri At the moment the only workaround is click on 'powered by mendix' button and then backspace. Any ideas?
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This error is very general as it points to the line where the mendix framework is being loaded. Since the js is minimized to 1 line the error always occurs on line 6 and thus cannot be traced to the point where it goes wrong.

Did you change anything in the index.html? Or do you show any entities or trigger a microflow that requires security to be set correct?

Both of these issues have caused this problem for me in the past.