Mendix Windows Service (2.1) and installed Mendix version

Where / how can I download the installed Mendix version from the releases page. According to the description: Added possibility to use a Mendix Server distribution (tar.gz file) to add a Mendix server version. More versions can be installed side-by-side. Mendix chooses the right version to start the project. The existing Mendix server version from pre-2.1 Mendix Windows Service applications will be kept when using this 2.1 version, but when you installs a new Mendix server version, that version will be used if suitable for the project. Edit: question is related to Installed Mendix versions. See picture
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The new windows service console (apparently) uses the .tar.gz versions, which are the linux distributions. That's the third link that you see on the releases page: "Linux distribution". It seems that the releases page doesn't really make this clear, we'll see if we can update the page soon to reflect this.