How does add snapshot of data work

How does "add snapshot of data" work I thought it moved the data from the local project to the cloud-server. But that is not the case
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If I'm not mistaken, the "add snapshot of data" is an option when creating mpks. These are mendix packages used to send each other projects and file tickets. The mpk will then contain the contents of the hsqldb database. You can't use this format to move your data to the cloud. To do that, you'll need to create a postgresql 8.4 dump and upload it via the cloud portal (I'm assuming you're using the standard cloud, although the custom cloud is similar)


The feature "Add snapshot of data" located in the Team menu adds the current state of the local data database to the Team Server repository. The goal is to share the data of your project alongside the project itself. If someone else downloads the project from the team server and deploys he/she will immediately have data to work with. Ideal for sharing demos with your colleagues.

The technical details: the database directory is zipped and placed in the file The file is then added to the team server repository at the next commit. If another person deploys and there is no database directory yet, the zip file is expanded to the database directory.

The feature has nothing to do with the Mendix 3.0 Cloud or the creation of project package. When creating project packages you also get the option to include the database, however (ideal for test projects!)


Can the "Add snapshot of data" also add the data from e.g. a postgre database? Or only from the "built-in database" ?


Thanks for the help Mendel – this works well

It’s odd that it doesn’t just extract the data file into the deployment/data file automatically when updating.  It pulls down the latest .zip, so why not use it when updating the project files?