Mendix 3.0 Upgrade (Continued)

Hi there, This serves as a follow up to my previous question Basically, we are at a stage now where we need to go to production, and I am trying to upgrade our UAT environment to 3.0. The steps that I followed are : 1) Stop current service on server (running version 2) Clean Deployment directory 3) From Modeler (version 3.0), Run to ensure that everything is working. 4) Stop running instance. 5) Clean deployment directory again. 6) Create Deployment Archive. 7) On server, replace service console with version 2.1 8) Update Project with deployment archive. 9) Add new server using downloaded distribution file 10) Close Console. 11) Open Console. 12) Click Start. 13) When Prompted, click Synchronize Database. This results in error "ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object." 14) Click Start This results in error "Could not retrieve version information from system tables". Assumptions : 1) Mendix uses new naming conventions for ORACLE tables, and is trying to create existing tables with new names, but the constraint names stay the same. What am I doing wrong? Also, after clicking "Synchronize database" the console reads "Executing 6260 data definition commands on datastore...", which sounds a bit extreme, as we did not do that many changes to the domain models. EDIT : I've restored the project to, and then tried to do the upgrade to 3.1.1, following the same steps mentioned above, and getting the exact same results. EDIT ver. 2 : I've made some progress on this. We've got two versions of our application. Version 1 is in Mendix and version 2 has been converted to Mendix 3.0. If I take the version 1 application and convert it to 3.0, it works without any issues. But then when I open the version 2 of the application and run it on the same database, I get synchronization issues where it is trying to delete indexes that aren't there. Keep in mind that we have made a lot of changes to the version 2 of the app.
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As to why there are so many synchronization commands, see

There were a few bugs affecting synchronization in 3.0.0, could you try to perform this synchronization using version 3.1.1? Do make a backup of your database if you don't want to continue developing with 3.1.1. though.