[Loginform widget] Show errormessage on wrong login?

Hi all! For our current project, we use the LoginForm widget from the appstore. We customized it and everything works as it should. We however would like to have one thing improved, and I'm asking you if that is (easily?) possible... Like the "internal login mechanism" that Mendix has, we would like to show a message when a user provides wrong credentials (Incorrect username or password) Is that possible? Suggestions are welcome!
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Yes it is possible but this only works if you have both fields field with information. If username and password are not entered it doesn't work. first retrieve the user using the username they have just entered in the username field n check if the user is found. If found then proceed and use verify password action call. If the user is not found or the password is not verified then you can display the message that the provided information is not correct.