How to get the 3.1.1. runtime working on our own env?

Hi all, We have an integration environment, on which we installed version 2.5.6. of the runtime (linux(debian)). Now we moved to version 3.1.1. so we want to have that runtime up-and-running on this server... I handed over the documentation and asked to install this 3.1.1. version The guy who installs it decided to install this version next to the 2.5.6 (like on the mendix-hosted-env's) He went through all steps, but could not start the runtime with a 3.1.1. model. I think the reason is that the m2ee we run is still the "old" m2ee instead of the 3.1.1. m2ee He indicated that we don't know how we can distinghuis between the 2.5.6. m2ee and the 3.1.1. m2ee The error we get is when we do m2ee start m2ee(LoggedInUsername): start INFO: Trying to start the MxRuntime... ERROR: An error occurred while reading the Application Model ERROR: An error occurred while reading the Application Model Caused by: An error occurred while storing column data for all existing tables in the SQLite database I don't see this in the documentation, so does someone have hints to get the 3.1.1. working? thanks! Roberto
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