Why does the GREEN download button point to a nonsupported version ?

I am working on a new v3 based project and was trying to upload the MDA. I keep gettin errormessages, so I push feedback and receive a feedback that the version of the modeler I am running wont work woth the cloudportal... Silly me, bu then why is the download behind the Green Button pointing there...... B-) Related question @ Achiel : I notice you can respond to my post, but how the heck do I respond to yours, other then putting something up here ??!! @ Achiel, you reaction came through a sprintr automailer, I did reply to that to see if I reach onyone, but had not yet got any reaction to that. At the one that marked me down for yelling..... I should have pasted in a picture I guess. but I am gettin prety stressed out as I ran into the deployement problem over the weekend and have a scheduled acceptance test scrum tomorrow. Sometimes it is very frustating not to be able to reach anyone by phone, other then escalting the problem through management.
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The Modeler behind that button is usually the trial version (and is sometimes used to give someone a specific version requested by someone in Mendix).

All the official releases can be downloaded in the Support Portal.


Please excuse my ignorance, but which "green download modeler" button are you referring to exactly? Is this in one of our portals? Trial?