How to change font and spellcheck defaults of the Rich text suite widget

Hi, Continuing on a question posted on this forum before link to post, we tried to adjust the default font of the Rich text editor by adding a reference to .mceContentBody in the custom.css. However, this does not seems to work. I do agree with the remark made previously that it is preferred to use web core fonts, but I was asked to try it anyway. Hope someone can provide me with some assistance on how to add it to the custom.css. Additionally, we noticed that the Rich Text Editor region is set to "spellcheck = false". How can we set this to true? Currently users can use browser based spellcheck but have to switch it on in every session. Thanks. Brian
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You can change the font of the rich text editor by creating a new stylesheet and by referring to it in the stylesheet property editor. For the exact classes you can use, just inspect the iframe that contains the editor in your webbrowser.

To enable the spellcheck property, please file a feature request at