The health check option in project settings

What is the potential of the health check microflow option? How can the health check microfow be used and how often does it run???
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The health check microflow is a 'special' microflow in that it's accessible via the M2EE API. This is a an administrative API that is used by tools such as m2ee-tools and the cloud portal. It is normally never called, but:

  • the m2ee-tools have a special command "check_health", that will ask the runtime to fire the health microflow and report if anything is wrong. You can only trigger this manually in your console (putty)
  • the cloud portal automatically fires this health microflow every 5 minutes, and will generate alerts accordingly. Depending on your settings, it will also send you an email.

The idea of the health check microflow is that you implement it yourself and check if your application is in a healthy status. Healthy is something you'll have to define yourself for that specific application. It's basically a tool allowing you to monitor how your application is doing, if you choose to implement it. For example you could check how many scheduled events have the status 'Running'.

I'm not sure how/when this microflow is called in the various deployment environments, maybe someone else can shine a light on that?