Form Loader data grid refresh in client issue

Good day. I have a template grid, and using a form loader, display a microflow trigger from my dataview on the form loader. Everything works fine, until any action i perform does a 'refresh on client'. Once returned to the main form where the template grid is on, the complete template grid is empty apart from the last line. Eg: Template grid showing 10 lines with microflow trigger icon on each line. This calls blocking pop up form where values are filled in. Any refresh in client on these actions, the template grid looses all. Once re-entering the page, its fine. Tried closing and opening with microflows. Doesn't work.
2 answers

This is a bug in the Form Loader widget.

I'll upload the update to the Appstore later today.

Update: It is up now! Form Loader widget 2.0


good question - I have the same challenges. In some cases I simply re-open the form with the record(s) I started, but that is not allways possible. I am curious to see the other solutions other people have found.