App Store Treeview widget - Need to show more info for selected item

I need the treeview widget in combination with a grid that shows information about the objects related to the selected item in the tree. Just like the Windows Explorer works. Left, you have a folder tree, right, info is shown about the files in the folder. I don't think this is possible with the tree widget, yet. I would need the treeview widget to be selectable as a Listen target. Is there a way for me to achieve this with stuff currently available? I could show a popup with "files" whenever a "folder" is selected, but this isn't workable. Anybody an idea?
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We could implement the checkbox set selector's form loader channel system, can you file this as a feature request? (please refer to this thread)


I am running into the same problem.

I would like to see all the tasks and sub tasks of a process. This is standard functionality of the treeview widget. However, I also would like to see the taskowner, duedate and status of the (sub)task in a grid.

In addition to these questions I wonder whether its possible (by changing the javascript file) to check if a task is a root item or a child item.

Any idea on how to realize this?