datagrid displays tooltip for empty rows after using search

When using datagrids (in 2.5.3) a tooltip is displayed when moving the mouse pointer over the content displayed in the columns of the datagrid. In the case the content of a cell is larger than can be displayed in the column the tooltip shows the full value. This is a standard feature and we did not use any tooltip functionality. However, when applying a Search (and as such reducing the number of records displayed, e.g. from 7 to 5 rows) the tooltip still shows data/values when moving the mouse pointer over empty rows (in my example for rows 6 and 7). How can we prevent this from happening? Maybe a bug? Although maybe not a serious issue, users experience it as a potential security issue (information can be displayed for records that are not displayed in the grid).
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I took a look at this and reproduced your issue - to see this you need to set the properties of your datagrid to 'Show empty rows' = True

To correct the issue you can set the datagrid to its default value of False for this setting. If it is a real issue for you I suggest you file a bug report in the Partner support portal


Scheduled to be solved in Mendix 3.4.0 or 4.0.0