Mendix v3 challenges #1 - local model database

I have only played a little with version 3 to date, so I thought it was time to upgrade to the latest version, but am having some issues and questions. I am now testing Modeler version 3.1.1. In version 2.5.8 I was able to create a multi-developer project using a local database - is it correct that this is no longer possible? It looks to me as though I either have to use a local model file (mpr) or upload to the Team Server. I understand (I think) the advantages of using the Team server for version control and easy deployment to the cloud, but what if the deployment is going to be on-premise? And there are also security considerations with uploading the model to the Team server - who has access to our intellectual property? Why can the local multi-developer option not still be available as well as the model file and Team server options?
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The team server versioning is technically and in practice a better system. Versioning (patching last months version) and branching, work locally and commit only when changes are tested. No more locking and update problems.

This architectual choices make it inpossible to go back to the multi-developer version.

The intellectual property is a good question. Until now it is a matter of trust, but many companies trust Google, Microsoft, SalesForces to keep their secret company data. Companies like diginotar that fail must close doors almost immediately.

I don't know whether current sprintr use is covered by a contract.