Running problem Postgress: error on initializing database connection.

On all environments en several laptops we get since this week the following error's on running the model (se below) So far i know nothing is changed in de ports, hotsname etc expect that i did a re-install of Postgress 9.0. Has anyone this problem also, and has anyone a solution> The suggested solution is strange because before this week we never have chnaged anything in the startup way of postgres or other things. Request action: start Message: Initializing the ConnectionBus failed. Cause: af: Error on initializing database connection. Stack trace: com.mendix.m2ee.api.AdminException: Initializing the ConnectionBus failed. at com.mendix.core.MxRuntime.b(SourceFile:452) Caused by: Q: af: Error on initializing database connection. Caused by: af: Error on initializing database connection. at aA.b(SourceFile:1374) Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Verbinding geweigerd. Controleer dat de hostnaam en poort correct zijn, en dat de postmaster is opgestart met de -i vlag, welke TCP/IP networking aanzet.
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What says your new <postgres>\data\pg_hba.conf?

You could add a line:

host     all     all  password

where the IP address-range and amount of bits to match are your own. Or maybe you can check the pg_hba.conf of before the installation?