Removing unwanted data from audittrail

This is what is displayed when I run the audittrail in my NewValue attribute: "System.owner: [MendixIdentifier:: guid=281539401220382 objectType=System.User objectTypeHash=15 dataStoreCode=1 objectStoreId=286] Name: Armenia changedDate: 21-10-2011 08:00:21 (UTC) CRID: 115 EUInt: true NotUsed: false SubmissionTracker.CountryAuthority: createdDate: 24-01-2011 01:26:54 (UTC) System.changedBy: [MendixIdentifier:: guid=281539401220483 objectType=System.User objectTypeHash=15 dataStoreCode=1 objectStoreId=387] SubmissionTracker.Group: " I want it to just show the new value so for this example: "Name: Armenia", the value that has changed. If it helps this only happens when the member is of type reference.
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