Find my locally deployed webservice

I deployed a local webservice (local means on my desktop with the modeler server installed) using http://localhost:8080 . It contains a microflow similar to the manual When deploying, typing http://localhost:8080 I will be shown the login screen rather than a webservices overview which is mentioned in the manual article I expected the url which exposes the webservices would be http://localhost:8080/xas/ws/wsdl but it creates an error when using it as an import webservice URL
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I think the location should be http://localhost:8080/ws-doc/


Hi Johan,

If you want to see the web services published on your machine you can use the following address: http://localhost:8080/ws-doc/

This will show you a list of the exposed web services operations you have published.

Then to import one of the web services copy the WSDL link you want and use this link to import the web service.

I hope this helps


You should be able to find your application's webservice wsdls at http://localhost:8080/ws-doc/