Can I run a demo application on my local machine without installing the modeler?

We share demos among our presales team, and I would like to know if we can share the mendix application without installing mendix on the user’s machine. I can’t use a cloud deployment because we don’t always have internet access at our customer sites. So I would like to be able to get an executable jar file, double click it and my mendix app site comes up on my localhost.
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No this is not possible. The Mendix Business Server needs to be configured, uses multiple other libraries including their license agreements that must be included, needs a deployment folder to write files but also forms for the client to load and possibly a local database, et cetera. You could package some of this in a jar file but it won't make things any easier.

Just install the Mendix package and everything is much easier, you can just hit F5 and it runs.