Dynamic Microflow Trigger - Rendered as link, and line breaking this link?

In the following situation I have a dynamic microflow trigger rendered as a link: The user is comparing two attributes (shown as a dynamic mf trigger), and when clicking on one of the two, he chooses to go with either the first or the second. This attribute will then be shown in the third colomn of the screen in the input field. But sometimes the attribute that is shown in the dynamic microflow trigger link is very long and pushes away the input field next to it (as shown in the picture). But the whole attribute needs to be visible, because the customer needs to be able to make a choice between them. So an option would be to break the microflow trigger attribute off and start on a new line. But how to do this? Or does anyone else has got an elegant way of doing this?
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You can either use CSS to force text wrapping, or use the richtextviewer in plain text mode with an onclick microflow.


Used the CSS solution which now works fine: Created a class in the layout.css (called 'DMLink') for the dynamic microflow trigger widget:

.DMLink .mendixButtonlink .mendixButtoncaption{ text-decoration: none; color:#333; white-space: normal;

And to keep it compatible for IE7:

.djquirks .DMLink .mendixButtonlink .mendixButton_content { white-space: normal;