Inline style in dynamic microflow button

We were trying to style the dynamic microflow button with max-width etc. but without result. We have patched the widget but no effect. The mendix button widget seems to create multiple nested divs and the inner span with the text is not inheriting from the top button div. We have been querying the dom dojo.query('.inner_style', root_button) found the node, but the inline styles can not be changed there. Any hint?
1 answers

1) You can use cascading selectors to find the inner thing; such as (or be even more specific if it doesn't match

.mendixButton span.inner_style { color : red }

2) you should be able to change the style on any thing from javascript, so problably your JS is incorrect there. Just use (I think you can use dojo.query(xx).style({ color : 'red' }) as well I think