Fusioncharts dont work on mendix 3.1 with IE9

Hi, I'm having a problem that Fusioncharts doesn't work on mendix 3.1 with Internet explorer 9 (Firefox and Chrome work fine). The charts are not visible and in the console I get an error: Could not find mime type for file '[object]' 404 - file not found for file: [object] It seems it has something to do with the 'IE=edge' part of the <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge;chrome=1"/> line you have to put in your index.html to have a correct layout in IE9 with mendix 3.0. (Without the 'IE=edge' Fusioncharts works fine, but the layout of the application is wrong) The build-in reports of Mendix also use (a free version of) Fusioncharts and these work correctly. So it seems you have to add some code to make Fusionscharts compatible with IE9. I have reviewed the code if the build-in reports, but i can't find the responsible code for making it work. Does anyone know what you have to add to make it work?
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Hi Tobin,

To resolve this issue much more detailed information is needed. I suggest to file a support ticket including test project at support.mendix.com.