Fusion charts in Mendix 3.1.0

Hi all, are you able to use Fusion charts app from app store in Mendix 3.1.0? i cant download 2.0.2 version and 2.0.1 can be used only in Mendix 2.x . Can somebody help me how to do it? I saw in some different forum thread that somebody has problem with fusion charts in IE9 in Mendix 3.1.0 Any help? Regards, Lukas
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Hi, I've tried running the app in v3.1.0 and got this... Unable to render FusionChartsWidgetFusionChartsWidget11 widget: Unable to load http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxclientsystem/dojo///////widgets/FusionChartsWidget/templates/FusionChartsWidget/html/[object Object]?310 status:404

(I'm assuming not found with the 404), but then are we able to just download some libraries, and where do we store them? Wouldn't there be a usable version for 3.1.0?